Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar Heads in New Directions


By Jack Winner, Herald-Tribune

After a long and successful run at Zoria and a very brief one after re-inventing it as Main Street Oyster Bar, Ryan Boeve and Arthur Lopes have returned to the restaurant scene with their new venture, Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar. But Pomona is not Zoria reborn; instead, it clearly heads in new directions.

Take that as literally true, because rather than returning to the Main Street scene, Boeve and Lopes have made the bold decision to cross north of Fruitville Road and open in the newly gentrified Citrus Square on Orange Avenue between 4th and 6th streets. The menu has also changed, leaving behind a fusion style for one that is more straightforwardly French.

Pomona — named after the Roman goddess of fruit and plenty — fronts Orange with an attractive exterior featuring a green awning, large windows and handsome wood doors. Inside, a tranquil elegance reigns, with high ceilings and an uncluttered décor. The walls are painted two shades of taupe, one leaning more toward brown, the other toward gray, which contributes to the air of tranquility. There is just one decorated wall, where two prints and a large, ornate, baroque mirror hang. Windows on the other wall look out on a brick patio.

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