Pomona Bistro & Wine Bar: New Place, New Concept, Longtime Culinary Team

Ryan Boeve & Arthur Lopes

By Jack Littman-Quinn

In Roman mythology, Pomona was the goddess of plenty particularly referring to the abundance of fruit. Aptly named, Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar offers an abundance of choice for its diners and should bear fruit for chef/owners Ryan Boeve and Arthur Lopes.

For over a decade, longtime Sarasota chef/owners Ryan Boeve and Arthur Lopes (Zoria, Main Street Oyster Bar) were an integral part of the Sarasota dining community. After a brief hiatus, both are back opening a new restaurant, Pomona Bistro & Wine Bar, which is located at 481 North Orange Avenue in Citrus Square.

Although the Citrus Square building is new, there is a certain old world charm and character that is the perfect setting for an upscale wine bar and bistro. Warm colored walls with framed mirrors, high ceilings, dark wood framed doors and large windows, white and black table linens, colorful orchids, and an outdoor courtyard with tremendous potential, Pomona creates a warm and intimate dining environment.

Providing a balance between meat and seafood, the menu offers a reasonable selection of small plates, salads, main dishes and desserts including a nice selection of cheese. As one would expect, there is a range of wines to complement the food.

The wait staff was friendly, professional, attentive and personable which makes a pleasant meal even better.

(source: sarasota.patch.com)