Gluten Free Baking Week

Gluten Free Baking Week 34236

Did you know that National Gluten Free Baking week always falls the week before Christmas? The week aims to bring awareness to gluten sensitivity, intolerance, and celiac disease which can make the holidays especially painful for some who cannot tolerate wheat products, which are generally found in Christmas cookies, breads, and other favorite holiday dishes. Our master baker and co-owner, Arthur Lopes, was inspired by this exact dilemma saying, “Children are one of my greatest passions, which is why I’ve become so involved with Visible Man Academy. Seeing children with this allergy who couldn’t enjoy a birthday cake really broke my heart and led me to begin experimenting with alternative flour sources like spelt and almond flour in my baking.”

Other popular flours that bakers may be interested in trying include: sweet potato flour, chick pea flour, peanut flour, and coconut flour. If you are hoping to start experimenting with Gluten-Free Baking,  Arthur advises, “start with making small adjustments to favorite recipes that you are already familiar with. Try finding flour that complements the flavor of the other ingredients. For example, almond flour works really well for cookies.”

Its the experimenting that makes the best creations, “I love the creative challenge of trying different flours and seeing how the texture or flavor affects the dish. The various flours can cook differently and discovering the best combinations is all a part of the fun.”


We have delicious Gluten-Free desserts available regularly.

Raw Chocolate Tart… $9

Vanilla Creme Brulee… $9

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