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Pomona Bistro & Wine: Downtown Sarasota Restaurant

French Onion Soup
One of the best restaurants in Sarasota is Pomona Bistro & Wine Bar run by two of city’s most sought after chef-restaurateurs, executive chef Ryan Boeve and pastry chef Arthur Lopes, both formerly of Zoria. Their location on Citrus Square has an inviting old world character, with an attractive exterior, large windows, and handsome wood doors. Inside, a tranquil elegance reigns. The room itself, lit by tall windows on two sides, is a charming and welcoming mix of modern and traditional influences. Its well-spaced tables are dressed in fine white table linens set very simply with classic modern wine stems and sleek contemporary flatware. At the back, a wine bar with black stools overlooks a picture window through which Chef Boeve and his sous-chefs can be observed creating culinary magic each evening in their small but meticulous kitchen.

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Great Local Chefs at Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar

Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar

A few days ago our Broker, Pauline Bennett, and her husband Gary, invited Jill and I out to dinner on the condition we choose the restaurant. After careful consideration, (being the consummate negotiator that I am), I made reservations to one of our favorites haunts, Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar, recipients of a Florida Trend Golden Spoon Award a year after opening. Got to impress the boss, right?

True to form, we are greeted warmly at the door by culinary co-genius and co-owner, Arthur Lopes. The other half of this Epicurean dynamic duo, Chef Ryan Boeve, gives us a friendly wave through a large window of the bustling kitchen.  You’ve got to love these guys.

For perspective, these two opened the much applauded Zoria Restaurant on Hillview Street to universal raves before relocating to the Main Plaza downtown, where they enjoyed an eleven year successful run. After decades working impossible hours they took a well deserved hiatus to focus on family, while their past customers clamored for them to return.

So, when Gary posed the question “How we choose the restaurants we write about”, in many cases it’s by following great local chefs like Arthur and Ryan.

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