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Pomona Announces New Sunday Hours

Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar
Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar
Tue-Sat 5:00-9:30 p.m. & Sun 4:30-9:00 p.m.

Reservations: 941-706-1677

Starting February 14, Pomona’s will be open
4:30 pm – 9:00 pm on Sundays through
Easter Sunday, March 27.

Sunday dinner hours are the perfect complement to seasonal matinee shows. Dinner guests can now enjoy a meal after a matinee or dine early enough to enjoy an evening performance.
Branzino Chocolate Souffle
Stuffed Branzino Chocolate Souffle
Dine with us this month and enjoy our stuffed branzino special and chocolate souffle.

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Cocktail Bar Wine Cellar
Cocktail Bar Wine Cellar
RESERVATIONS: 941-706-1677

LuxLife DishArt: Isaac Johnson and James Griffin

Sous Chef Isaac Johnson featured in LuxLife DishArt Spread

Our sous chef, Isaac was recently featured in the February issue of LuxLife magazine for their annual DishArt spread.  For this issue, chefs are paired with local artists and asked to create an edible representation of a piece of their artwork. Isaac was paired up with James Griffin who’s works can be seen at Dabbert Gallery in downtown Sarasota.

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We’re Opening A New Restaurant: Lila

Downtown Sarasota Courtyard Dining

We are so thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new restaurant on Main Street Sarasota called Lila (pronounced Lee-la). Our concept for this restaurant is to offer food the way we like to eat, veggie heavy with some meat sprinkled in for variety and flavor.  In a statement to the Herald-Tribune’s Ticket, co-owner Arthur Lopes says, “For years, Ryan and I have been talking about this concept, and having it all come to life is overwhelming. There already has been such an outpouring of multi-generational positive response to the idea. The meaning of ‘Lila’ is loosely translated as fun, whimsical and creative, and we have applied this to what a restaurant should be.” The menu will be seasonal and feature many of the same organic farms that we use here at Pomona. Some examples of options our menu might contain are fava bean ravioli, Mediterranean samplers with traditional spreads like hummus, and beetroot salads.

The location will take over the old bullet hole location on Main Street and will be very casual with plates ranging $9-$15. Ryan Boeve, co-owner said in a separate statement to The Observer, “We’re restaurant guys and we didn’t like just doing one type of food. We had this idea of working with a lot of vegetables. And when this property opened up on Main Street, it all kind of clicked. Pomona is traditional and for people who want formal appetizers, entrees and desserts on a white tablecloth. Lila will be more on the fun and veggie side and super casual.” The decor will be natural woods and recycled materials and will feature an open kitchen where customers can watch their food being prepared.

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We’ve Won The Golden Spoon Award

Pomona Bistro wins Golden Spoon Award

We are so honored to share the news that we’ve been awarded a Golden Spoon Award for New American Cuisine in Sarasota. This award is the oldest and most coveted dining award in the state and has been around for 40 years. The awards were originally created to help traveling executives find great local restaurants for dining. Not just anyone with hype or good food can be awarded a Golden Spoon, only those restaurants that utilize top ingredients sourced carefully and prepared with imagination and authenticity from entrees to vegetables and breads are chosen. Usually the award is given to fine dining restaurants that have been in business for at least three years. We won the Golden Spoon for Best New Restaurant in 2011, but we never imagined we’d win another award! This is such a huge honor and we are so grateful! Thanks so much to our hard-working staff who always put our customers first and thank you to Chris Sherman!

Pomona Bistro Named Among the Top 20 Sarasota Restaurants

Pomona Bistro Top 20 restaurant in Sarasota

Thanks to Sarasota Magazine and the judges, Chef Judi, Marsha Fottler, Jeremy Hammond-Chambers, David R. Kotok, Burton Sack, Christine Peterson Schlesinger, and Emily Stroud for naming our restaurant among the top 20 restaurants in Sarasota.  Marsha Fottler writes, “The owners/chefs, Arthur Lopes and Ryan Boeve, are like friends who cook for you in their own home. This is sophisticated, haute food conjured up by chefs who aim to amaze and entice.”

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Ryan Boeve Included in “Best Chefs America”

Best Chefs America Award

Sarasota’s Ryan Boeve or Pomona Bistro and Wine Bar has been selected by his peers for inclusion in this year’s Best Chefs America.

Best Chefs America is the premier chef’s guide to chefs. This inaugural edition is the result of over 50,000 calls and over 5,000 one-on-one interviews with some of the best chefs in the United States. The chefs rate their peers anonymously, and the results are published.

Best Chefs America includes a list of the best chefs in America, as rated by other chefs. It also reports emerging trends, interesting ingredients, and other culinary happenings identified throughout the course of the interviews.

Congratulations to chef Ryan Boeve on his selection to be included in the premiere chef’s guide to chefs.